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What is iTunes Pass?



iTunes Pass – iTunes Pass is a promotional feature of the iTunes Store that allows customers access to a suite of content related to one artist for a limited time for a fixed price.

The iTunes Pass offers fans early access to singles from upcoming albums, the albums and bonus tracks when they're released, and any other material related to that band added to the Store while the Pass is valid (including remixes, music videos, and other content).

Each iTunes Pass expires a set time after it is introduced, but it's not clear whether that period is variable or the same for each Pass. When the Pass expires, only the promotion expires – all content remains usable and the property of the customer.

All content purchased through the iTunes Pass is DRM-free and music is encoded at 256 kbps.

The iTunes Pass was introduced on Feb. 24, 2009. Depeche Mode was the first band to offer its music through an iTunes Pass for its Sounds of the Universe album.

NOTE: Despite the very similar name, an iTunes Pass is not the same thing as a Season Pass. The first is for music only, while the second is for TV shows only.

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