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Comparing iPods to Other MP3 Players

This section provides a side-by-side comparison of the three iPod models to their leading competitors to help you decide what MP3 player is right for you to buy.

iPod nano vs. Flip mino vs. RCA Small Wonder
Use this side-by-side comparison chart to see how the nano stacks up against the competition.

iPod touch vs. Zune HD – Sizing Up The Competition
Find out how the Zune HD compares to the iPod touch here.

Comparing iPod touch and Zune HD - How Did You Decide?
Did you have to decide between the iPod touch and Zune HD when you were making your media player purchase? Which did you end up buying? What factors swayed you to the device you bought and away from the one you didn't?

iPod Classic - iPod vs. Zune
It's pretty simple: share your reasons that the iPod is better than the Zune here.

iPod nano - Microsoft Zune
I think we can all agree that the iPod nano is the best Flash-memory MP3 player in its category. But why? I suspect every nano owner has their own reason for buying a nano and loving it. What's yours?

Are iPods Worth the Extra Cost? - iPod Pricing
Apple's critics have long said that the high prices its products carry are unnecessary. In fact, Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer has even said that the Apple logo adds $500 to the cost of its products. And it’s true that you can get computers and MP3 players for less than Apple models. But are the critics right or just jealous? Is the iPod worth the extra cost when compared to the competition?

The iPod vs. the Competition: Hard-Drive-Based Players
Compare the features and prices of leading hard drive-based MP3 players like the iPod, Zune, and Zen to make your buying decision a bit easier.

The iPod vs. the Competition: Mid-Level Players
Compare some of the best mid-range MP3 players--including the iPod nano--to help guide your buying decision.

The iPod vs. the Competition: Ultra-Portable Players
The iPod Shuffle compared to other ultra-portable MP3 players.

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