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NextWorth Review - A Used iPod Buyer/Reseller

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Reselling your used iPhone or iPod can be tricky. There are many companies buying devices and all offer different prices. Prices are strongly influenced by the perceived condition of the item. If assess it in one condition, you’ll expect a certain price. If the company disagrees, they’ll offer another.

That’s certainly the case with NextWorth. While I’ve only had good experiences with the company—I’ve sold three devices to them over the years—complaints are easy to find online. The bottom line, I think, is to be scrupulous about the condition of your device and keep in contact with NextWorth throughout the process.

Selling A Used iPhone or iPod to NextWorth

Like many similar sites, selling a used iPod or iPhone to NextWorth begins at its website, selecting the model you want to sell. Once that’s done, you answer questions about the condition, functionality, and included hardware. With those specs, NextWorth generates its offer.

As with other used iPod buyers, NextWorth supplies a pre-paid shipping label for your iPod/iPhone. This means, though, that you have to supply your own box, which is a minor inconvenience.

Once the item is shipped, NextWorth takes up to 10 days to inspect your item and assess its value. After that, it issues payment.

Be Careful on Conditions

How you describe your device during the initial process is crucial; it most likely will determine whether your experience with NextWorth is satisfying or not.

In my experiences selling used devices to NextWorth and its competitors (I’ve sold 8 or 9 devices to various companies over the last 3-4 years), I’ve always been conservative in rating my device’s condition. Overrate your device to get a higher price and you’re likely to be disappointed when the company inspects it and values it at a lower price. Rate your device fairly (or even a little low) and you’ll get the price you expect (and, occasionally, a higher price).

NextWorth customers have posted across the web (including on this site) about negative experiences and price surprises. If this happens to you, you’re not necessarily stuck accepting the new, lower price.

If you get a lower price than expected after sending in your device, email or call NextWorth. You can get an explanation for their valuation and either challenge it or, often, reject it. While NextWorth doesn’t make clear that you can do this, there are plenty of cases in which people either gotten a higher price or their device back.

A Recent Experience

My most recent experience with NextWorth involved selling a 3rd generation iPod nano. For this model—about three years old, but in decent shape—brought me nearly $33, which seemed like a pretty good price for an old, used device.

I sent it to NextWorth on Oct. 17 and received a reply on Oct. 21 saying that they’d be paying the $32.84 they quoted. My check arrived on Nov. 2, 13 days later. NextWorth had quoted 14 days for payment so, while that’s sneaking in under the wire, it’s in keeping with what was promised.

All in all, it was another very good experience with NextWorth.

The Bottom Line

Two rules: be conservative and stay in touch with NextWorth if you’re not happy with the value the company places on your device. If you do those things, and compare prices paid here and at other sites before selling, you should be able to turn your used iPhone or iPod into money using NextWorth.

Last Updated: Nov. 3, 2010

User Reviews

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NextWorth Finds You Worthless!!, Member QueerLib

I attempted to trade-in my iPhone 4 for cash from NextWorth and have had a series of disappointments with them that I believe warrant reporting on. Long story short: At my request they returned an iPhone 4 to me that, unfortunately 1) has minor scratches; and 2) is a lower capacity, cheaper iPhone! I had requested a return of my iPhone after they renegued on an offer of a quoted cash back of $276, offering me less than 50% ($115). I answered truthfully a series of questions before I got the original $276 quote and they subsequently offered the $115 based on a claim that the iPhone I sent in has a condition of ""heavy wear"". This was not an option for reporting and I can only infer that they seek to get people to send in their iPhones (after being quoted an attractive price) in order to have customers settle for the drastically reduced cash offer. I would not settle, asked for my original iPhone back, received it 10 days later, and received the wrong phone. I knew it was the wrong phone because all my apps, contact information, photos, etc., wouldn't fit in the iPhone. However, I confirmed with myself that this was not my iPhone because I made the trouble of going to an Apple Store, standing in line and getting a copy of my iPhone receipt (which I have in my possession) which has the serial number on it. Infuriatingly they promised to return my call, never did, and after reaching them and informing them that I have a copy of the receipt to mail them as proof of my purchase they stated there was nothing that could be done and refused to send back my iPhone! (It is now two weeks without my iPhone -- I had to purchase a Skype phone number to stay in contact with friends and family). And, I lost out on an opprtunity to submit my phone with another tarde-in program. I remained intent on getting my iPhone back and they offered to do that only under the condition that I deposit $276 (the amount they renegued on!) into their PayPal account! This they claimed was so that they can ensure receiving the ""bad"" iPhone back and they can in turn send me my original iPhone!!!

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