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Reviews of Companies that Buy & Sell Used iPhones and iPods

Turn the old smartphone or MP3 player collecting dust in your drawer into cold, hard cash.

NextWorth Review - A Used iPod Buyer/Reseller
NextWorth is one of the big names among companies that buy and sell used iPods. It’s been around since 2005 and has used that time to streamline its process for buying used iPods. While no single company in this area can claim to always pay the highest rates for the products they buy, NextWorth is a consistently strong option for those looking...

iPod Trade In Reviews: BuyMyTronics
BuyMyTronics doesn't offer a few nice benefits that its competitors do, but its solid prices and good customer service are much appreciated.

iPod Trade In Reviews: Gazelle
While my experience with Gazelle wasn't absolutely perfect, it was pretty close. Hard to argue with getting more than you'd expected.

Small Dog Electronics Profile
A profile and reviews of Small Dog Electronics, a company that buys and trades used iPods.

User Review: BuyMyTronics iPod & iPhone Trade In Servcie
Users review their experiences selling iPods, iPhones, and other electronics to BuyMyTronics.See submissions

PowerMax Review - Used iPods Buyer/Seller
A review of PowerMax, a buyer and seller of used iPods, iPhones, and iPads.

User Reviews: PowerMax, a Used iPod Buyer/Seller
When you replace your iPod or iPhone, the old model doesn't have to gather dust in a drawer. Instead, you can trade it in. PowerMax offers a trade-in program that gives customers store credit for their used iPods, iPhones, and iPads.

Cash for iPhones Used iPhone Retailer Review
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