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4th Generation iPod nano Reviews


ipod nano 4th generation

4th Generation iPod nano

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The 4th-generation iPod nano returns the nano to its roots – it’s once again a tall, narrow iPod. The 3rd-generation model was a radical departure for the nano line, with its squat size and square screen, but the 4th-generation model is tall, with a rectangular screen and some exciting new features.

The 4th-generation iPod nano offers both 8GB and 16GB of storage, the iPod’s traditional clickwheel, and both the traditional iPod menus as well as CoverFlow. The 3rd-generation model added support for video playback and this model carries that feature forward.

Both models sport a 2-inch 320 x 240 screen, weigh 1.3 ounces, and offer up to 24 hours of audio playback.

New Features in iPod nano 4th Generation

New additions to the model include:

  • Support for iTunes Genius playlists
  • A screen that can re-orient itself based on how the nano is being held a la the iPhone or iPod touch
  • Support for the new Apple earphones remote and mic
  • Nine different colors
  • A slightly curved shape
  • Speakable menus
  • Shake-to-shuffle.

Shake to Shuffle is perhaps the most exciting new feature in this nano. It uses the nano’s built-in acceleromter – the same technology that lets the iPhone and iPod touch be aware of and respond to the device being moved. With it, users can simply shake the iPod and get a shuffled playlist of music.

4th-Generation iPod nano Reviews

I haven’t yet had a chance to review the 4th-generation iPod nano, but here are some reviews from other sites. I’ll update this page when I review the nano myself.


CNet - 4 out of 5 stars

PC Mag – 4.5 out of 5 stars

PC World – 82 out of 100

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