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iPod/iPhone Hardware Terms

The iPod and iPhone have many hardware items that may need definition. These include interfaces, technologies, and other specialized uses of existing consumer electronics hardware. This section will define these terms for you and explain how they apply to the iPod and iPhone.

How Does the iPod Touch Wheel Work?
The touch wheel, aka Clickwheel, that was the primary way of controlling iPods for many years may seem a little magical. Run your finger around the circle and you'll move things onscreen, even though there are no moving parts. Of course the touch wheel isn't magic; it's science.

Is Jailbreaking an iPhone Breaking Free or Breaking the Law? - Jailbr…
The iPhone in the U.S. is tied to one cell phone carrier: AT&T. But for people who are willing to take some risk with their device, there are options. Jailbreaking an iPhone, a process that opens the device’s software, lets users install whatever software they want and use their choice of cell phone carrier.

iPhone Sensors
There are three sensors built into the iPhone that allow it to perform some of its coolest tricks. Learn about them here.

Definition of iPod Dock Connector
The iPod Dock Connector is the interface used by most iPods to connect to computers and sync data back and forth.

What is Firewire
Firewire is one kind of connection used by older iPods to sync data with a computer.

What is USB
USB is the main kind of connection used with iPods and iPhones to sync data with a computer.

What is Flash Memory?
Flash memory is the kind of memory used in the iPod nano, Mini, and Shuffle. This definition explains more about it.

What is a Hard Drive?
A definition of a hard drive and a list of the iPods that use hard drives to store data.

What is Bluetooth?
A definition of Bluetooth, a short-range wireless networking protocol, and how it is used on the iPhone.

What is an Unlocked Mobile Phone?
A definition of the term "unlocked" as it relates to mobile phones and specifically the iPhone.

What is a SIM Card?
A definition of the SIM card, an item used in mobile phones, and how it is used in the iPhone.

What is Retina Display?
What devices have it and what, exactly, does it mean?

iPhone Bluetooth Support Details
Devices running the iOS--the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad--all support Bluetooth. Learn about the profiles and types of Bluetooth accessories that are compatible with them.

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