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Review of iPodCopy, an iPod Copy and iPod Backup Utility

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The main iPodCopy interface

Wide Angle Software Ltd.


Works With
All iPods

The Good
Copies contents of iPod to PC or iTunes
Transfer metadata like play counts

The Bad
Slow at transferring music
Reports inaccurate errors
No "one-touch" transfer
Doesn't transfer all album art

Windows and Mac

The Price

iPodCopy - An iPod Transfer Utility

IPodCopy is one of the many programs available to help users copy or backup the contents of their iPods to a new computer.

This is especially useful because Apple ties every iPod to a single iTunes library. They do this as protection against unauthorized file sharing, but it also interferes with moving your iPod library to a new PC or making a backup in case your hard drive crashes.

Unfortunately, iPodCopy does not offer as smooth a copying process as some of its competitors.

IPodCopy works much like its competitors: you install the software, configure iTunes, and connect your iPod. IPodCopy then scans the iPod, displays them it in a browser, and lets you copy individuals items or all of the iPod's contents to either iTunes or a computer, as a backup (read a how-to).

This, though, is one of iPodCopy's shortcomings: There's no one-touch button to transfer all the contents of the iPod, meaning that you need to transfer songs, movies, playlists, etc. individually. While this isn't a major drawback, it does cause the transfer process to take more clicks to complete.

In a nice touch, though, iPodCopy includes specific utilities to transfer pictures, games, notes, calendar items, and address book entries from the iPod to the new machine (some of these features are available in the Windows version only).

The transfer process was not as quick using iPodCopy as other programs. My 6433 songs took about 3 hours to transfer; they took about 95 minutes to transfer using CopyPod.

Additionally, iPodCopy reported some phantom errors. At the end of the transfer process, the program told me that it had failed to transfer 1965 songs. However, when I checked iTunes, the songs were there and played fine.

Other transfers were much faster, though: moving a 1 GB movie only took about 2 minutes.

IPodCopy did maintain metadata such as playcounts and last played dates. Like CopyPod, it lost some album art in the transfer, but that's easy to get back using iTunes.

IPodCopy does all the things it sets out to do and generally does them well, but it doesn't do them as quickly or efficiently as its competitors. In order to become one of the best programs in its space, Wide Angle Software needs to address the issues of speed and incorrect errors.

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