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Using iPodCopy, an iPod Copy and Backup Tool, on Windows


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Transfer iPod Contents to New PC
using ipodcopy, step 5

To begin transferring the contents of your iPod, click either the iTunes or PC button at the top of the iPodCopy window, depending on where you want the songs to go.

If you click "iTunes," the selected songs will be copied to iTunes.

If you click "PC," this will backup your iPod to a folder, but not add it to iTunes.

Copying a large library will take some time. IPodCopy took about 3 hours to move my 6433 songs to iTunes.

You may get errors saying that some songs did not copy. Double check that these songs transferred to iTunes, as sometimes these errors are wrong.

You may also find that some album art does not transfer, but iTunes can re-download that art for you.

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