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iPod Transfer, Copy & Backup 101


Apple built iTunes to exclude features that would let you copy music from your iPod to another computer. They did this to ease music industry concerns about copyright infringement and unauthorized sharing of music via the iPod.

By doing this, though, Apple cut off some legitimate uses of this technique. For instance, you need to be able to copy music off of your iPod if:

  • You buy a new computer and want to transfer your iTunes library to the new machine (the other option is re-ripping all your CDs!)
  • Your hard drive crashed, taking all your iTunes data with it, but your iPod still has a copy.
  • You want to make an iPod backup and save it on another computer.

Of course, iPod copy and backup tools can be used for music sharing, too, but this is a legal grey area.

This page is your one-stop reference for all the content related to the iPod copies, backups, and transfer on this website. Here you'll find reviews and how-to guides to the programs that help you do this.

iPod Copy, Backup, and Transfer Software Reviews

iPod Copy, Backup, and Transfer How-Tos

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