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Fixing an iPod touch or iPhone White Screen


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When your iPhone displays only white on its screen – not any icons, not the Apple logo, nothing else – this is clearly a problem. There are three steps you can take to try to fix it.

Restart the iPhone

The first step in any iPhone troubleshooting process is to restart the iPhone. Do this by holding down the hold button at the top right of the phone until a red slider appears onscreen. Slide it to turn the phone off and, when it’s off, turn it back on again by holding down the hold button until the Apple logo appears.

Reset the iPhone

If this doesn’t work, try resetting the iPhone. You do this by holding both the Home button and the hold button at the same time. Do this until the screen flashes and the Apple logo appears, indicating that the phone has restarted.

Restore the iPhone from Backup

If this doesn’t work, try restoring the iPhone from a backup of its data. Sometimes files on the phone get corrupted and need to be replaced with older, working versions in order to fix the problem.

If None of This Works

If you’ve tried all three of these steps and the problem still isn’t fixed, you’ve likely got an issue that you can’t fix. In this case, give Apple tech support a call or make an appointment at your local Apple Store for support.

Fixing iPod touch White Screen

What if you've got an iPod touch that's exhibiting the same white screen problem as described for the iPhone above? Simple: use the same steps as described for the iPhone. Because the iPod touch and iPhone share many of the same hardware components, and run the same operating system, fixing the iPod touch white screen problem is done in the same way.

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