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My iPhone Icons are Shaking – What's Happening?


Question: My iPhone Icons are Shaking – What's Happening?
My iPhone Icons are Shaking – What's Happening?

From time to time, you may notice that you if you’ve been pressing on the iPhone’s screen, the icons will begin to shake or wiggle. You may also notice – if you’ve installed any programs from the App Store – that some of the icons have a little “X” in the top right corner.

While wiggling iPhone icons may look a little silly, they’re actually perfectly normal.

In iPhone Firmware update 1.1.3, Apple gave users the ability to re-arrange iPhone icons in whatever order they want. When users tap and hold an icon for long enough, they begin to wiggle – that’s what happened to you.

When they’re wiggling, you can re-arrange them or click the home button to lock them in place (either with or without making any changes).

If you tap the “X” next to applications you installed, they will be removed from the iPhone.

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