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Fixing iPhone Program Crashes and Stability Issues


The iPhone’s programs can crash just like those on your desktop or laptop computer. And, just like on your regular computer, this can be pretty frustrating – sometimes more frustrating even, since we expect our phones to work right all the time.

In the early days of the iPhone, users reported these problems most frequently with the Safari web browser, the iPod program, and email. Now that most iPhones are stocked with apps from the App Store, crashes are as likely to occur with third-party apps as the built-in ones (though Apple is improving stability regularly).

If you’re running into frequent iPhone program crashes, here are some tips for getting better stability.

Update Firmware
Apple’s firmware updates for the iPhone improve stability and add features. Making sure you're using the latest version should help reduce iPhone program crashes. Learn how to check for new iPhone firmware.

Restart iPhone
Just like your desktop computer, to work better, sometimes your iPhone just needs to be restarted. Learn how to restart your iPhone.

Update App
If it's a third-party program that's crashing, rather than one built into the iPhone, you have a few options. First, check iTunes or the App Store to see if there's a new version of the app. If so, install it. This will often solve problems. In rarer occasions, apps may conflict with each other and cause crashes. In this instance, either install or uninstall apps one at a time until you discover the conflict and then remove the offending app.

Wait for Updates
If these options don’t fix your problem, you’re probably stuck. The stability of the programs on the iPhone has more to do with the programs themselves than with how you use your iPhone. If your firmware is up to date and a restart doesn’t help, you’re probably going to have to wait for Apple and the third-party to release new software. Of course, you can always report the bugs to the developer through their website to let them know there's a problem and that you're anxious for a solution.

If your crashes become very frequent or more severe, contact an Apple Store or call Apple for support.

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