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iPhone Help & Troubleshooting

Tips and tricks for fixing your iPhone when it freezes or when other problems arise.
  1. iPhone Battery Tips (4)
  2. iPhone Call & SMS Problems (5)
  3. iPhone Security and Theft (8)

Using iPhone Recovery Mode
When your iPhone encounters serious software-related problems--problems so intense that a restart can't help--recovery mode is your next step.

Do I Need iPhone Virus Protection?
We all know that computers get viruses. Despite their appearances, iPhones are basically small, handheld computers. Does that mean iPhones can get viruses, too?

iPhone Help – All the Articles at iPod.About.com
A collection of all the support articles related to the iPhone on this site.

Fixing an iPod touch or iPhone White Screen
If your iPhone is showing just a white screen--no icons, no Apple logo--it may appear to be broke and you may be wondering what a new one is going to cost. But, in many situations, the fix is actually pretty simple.

How to Delete iPhone Data and Settings
Did you know that when you sell your used iPhone or iPod touch, or when you send it in for repair, strangers could be looking at your personal data? Here's how to prevent that from happening.

How to Restore iPhone From Backup
You make a backup of your iPhone's data and settings every time you sync it to iTunes. But what do you do when you have a data emergency need that backup?

My iPhone Icons are Shaking – What's Happening?
Why, you may be asking, are my iPhone's icons shaking and wiggling like that? The answer lies within.

How to Fix iPhone Email That Won't Download
My iPhone running firmware 2.0 (and higher) isn’t downloading email, but I can access the Internet with Safari and other applications. What’s up, and how do I fix it?

Troubleshooting Remote on the iPhone or iPod touch
Connecting your iPhone or iPod touch to your computer or AppleTV using Remote is usually pretty easy. However, sometimes - even when you follow the proper connection steps - you can’t establish the connection. In that case, try these troubleshooting steps.

How to Reboot or Restart the iPhone 3GS
Rebooting your iPhone is the easiest and most common way to fix a phone that's behaving strangely or is frozen up.

How to Force Quit Frozen iPhone Apps
The iPhone 3G is essentially a small computer and just like on larger computers, sometimes programs freeze and keep you from using the phone for anything else. In this situation, it's easy to quit that program.

Dealing with iPhone Browser Crashes
Browser crashes were a problem on the early iPhone OSes. Happily, later versions are much more stable.

Fixing iPhone Program Crashes and Stability Issues
Tips on how to deal with apps crashing on the 1st generation iPhone.

How to Update iPhone Firmware
Given that the release of new firmware for the iPhone is usually a bit of an event and widely discussed in many places, you’re not likely to be surprised by its release. However, if you’re not sure whether you have the newest iPhone firmware, the process of checking (and installing the update, if one is available) is quick.

How to Kill iPhone Apps
It's not as violent as it sounds. Killing apps is just a way to force quit them when they freeze and won't respond to pressing the home button.

Fixing an iPhone Stuck at Apple Logo
I just updated my iPhone and now it won't boot all the way up. It's stuck at the Apple logo, or continually turns on and off but won't boot up to the home screen. Help! How do I fix this?

My Headset Isn't Working. Is My iPhone Headphone Jack Broken?
When I use my iPhone headphones, people can't hear me and I can't control the phone. Is my iPhone broken?

Tips for iPod touch and iPhone Security
These days, iPhone security isn’t a topic too many end users are thinking a lot about. Yet. For those interested in iPhone security in these relatively safe times, here are some tips.

How to Turn Off the iPhone 3GS
In most cases, iPhone 3GS users don't want to fully turn their phones off when they're not using them. Instead, most of us usually just want to put the phone to sleep to conserve battery and prevent accidental calls. However, you might want to turn your phone off when it's got very low battery.

iPhone SIM Card Is Not Recognized
What to do when your iPhone gives an error saying that the SIM card is not recognized.

Why Won’t iPhone Battery Charge When Connected to iMac Keyboard?
When I plug my iPhone into the USB ports on my iMc’s keyboard, the battery won’t charge. Why?

What Does Red iPhone Battery Icon Mean?
Sometimes when I try to turn on my iPhone, it’s unresponsive. All I see on the screen is a flashing red iPhone battery icon. What does that mean?

How to Reset iPhone 3G
Learn how to reset--AKA restart--an iPhone 3G (though this technique applies to all other iPhone models, too).

How to Factory Reset iPhone 4
When you factory reset an iPhone 4, you're returning the iPhone to the state it was in when it left the factory: you're completely erasing the phone and starting over from scratch. You'd want to factory reset an iPhone 4 when you're selling it, sending your iPhone in for repairs, or when there's a problem with the iPhone so severe that this is the only way to solve it. Here's how to do it.

How to Turn Off iPhone 3G
You won't find a button labeled on/off on an iPhone. That's because. by default, iPhones go to sleep instead of turning off. But does that mean you can't turn them off?

iPhone Battery Icon Isn’t Changing
The solution to the problem of an iPhone whose battery has run close to zero not having its battery icon change during a recharge.

The iPhone 4 Antenna Problems Explained - and Fixed
The iPhone 4 antenna problems are a hot topic, but they’re not necessarily well understood – especially because not all iPhone 4s experience them. Read on to learn more about what causes the problems, how widespread they are, and how to fix them.

My iPhone Won't Turn On. Help!
A few suggestions for what you should try when your iPhone won't turn on.

Your iPhone Screen Repair Options for Cracked Screens
If you don't take the right steps when repairing your iPhone or iPod touch's screen, you could lose big.

Deleted iPhone SMS Messages Still Showing Up. What To Do?
Think deleting an iPhone SMS would get rid of it for good? Not so fast.

My iPhone Screen Won't Rotate. How Do I Fix It?
Will your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad screen not rotate when you turn the device on its side or straight up like normal? Find out why and how to fix it here.

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