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What is iPhone Voice Control?



Voice Control is a feature introduced with the iPhone 3GS and iOS 3.0 software that allows users to control the iPhone by speaking into its mic and to have the phone speak information to the user. The feature was subsequently added to the iPod touch.

Voice Control Requirements

iPhone 3GS or newer
3rd generation iPod touch or newer
iOS 3.0 or higher
Earphones with remote and mic

Voice Control With Phone

When the Apple earphones with remote and mic or other compatible earphones are plugged into the iPhone or iPod touch, the user can employ Voice Control to speak the name of the person they want to call and have the phone understand the name and dial the correct person. On models that support FaceTime, Voice Control can also be used to initiate FaceTime calls.

Voice Control With iPod App

When using the iOS iPod app, Voice Control works in two ways. First, it can speak the name of the song playing to the user. The user can also speak the name of a song, album, artist, or playlist and Voice Control can play it.

Voice Control For Accessibility

Voice Control is closely related to Voice Over, the accessibility feature introduced on the third-generation iPod shuffle, which speaks onscreen menus to make the iPod or iPhone accessible to users with disabilities.

Other Voice Control Features

Voice Control can also be used for a number of additional commands, such as getting the time and making FaceTime calls. Check out this full list of accepted Voice Control commands.

Learn how to activate Voice Control.

Languages Supported by Voice Control

Chinese (Cantonese)
Chinese (China)
Chinese (Taiwan)
English (Australian)
English (UK)
English (U.S.)
French (Canada)
French (France)
Portuguese (Brazil)
Portuguese (Portugal)
Spanish (Mexico)
Spanish (Spain)

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