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Definition of iPhone MMS


iphone MMS

iPhone MMS in Action


What is MMS – MMS, aka multimedia messaging service, is the feature that allows cell phone users to send multimedia messages – music, photos, video – from one phone to another. It is a common feature of many cell and smart phones.

The service is related to SMS, or short message service, which is more commonly known as text messaging.

The iPhone MMS feature was not initially available on the iPhone, despite the inclusion of SMS. This was considered a drawback for a phone that was so strong on other media features.

The iPhone's MMS feature can send audio files, ringtones, photos, and videos to any other phone with a text messaging plan on any carrier (though whether the recipient's phone can play those files will depend on that phone's software and capabilities).

Using MMS
There are two ways to send an MMS on the iPhone. First, in the Messages app, the user can tap the camera icon next to the text-input bar and either take a photo or video or select an existing one to send.

Second, users can begin with the file they want to send and tap the box with the right-facing arrow in it. In apps that support MMS, this will bring up a series of options for sharing the file, including MMS. Tapping on that button will then send the file to the iPhone's Messages app where it can be sent via MMS. This is the technique required to send files not stored in the iPhone's Camera Roll app.

IPhone MMS debuted in the United States on Sept. 25, 2009, though it had been available on the iPhone in many other countries for months before that. AT&T, at that time the only official iPhone carrier in the U.S., had delayed introducing the feature due to concerns over the strain it would place on the company's network.

MMS was announced for the iPhone in June 2009.

Requirements for iPhone MMS

  • iPhone 3G or newer
  • iPhone OS 3.0 or higher
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