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What is Airplane Mode?



Airplane Mode - Airplane Mode is the name of the feature that allows you to use an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad safely on an airplane while it is flight.

We're all familiar with the part of a flight in which we're told to turn off our electronics during takeoff and landing. In between, though, we're able to use our devices in safe/airplane mode. This mode is safe for flight because it turns off the devices' ability to send and receive wireless data signals, which have the potential to interfere with the plane's communications systems.

On the iPhone, Airplane Mode turns off the phone's connection to cellular data networks, the phone app, and other related services. On the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, it also turns off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, if they are turned on.

Using Airplane Mode

To turn Airplane Mode on, tap on the Settings icon on your homescreen. The first option is Airplane Mode. Slide it to On. To turn it off, slide it to Off.

Connecting to In-Plane Wi-Fi While Using Airplane Mode

Many planes now offer in-flight Wi-Fi access to allow us to work, send email, browse the web, or stream entertainment while we fly. But if Airplane Mode turns off Wi-Fi, how to iOS users take advantage of this service?

While Airplane Mode does turn Wi-Fi off by default, it doesn't prevent you from turning it back on. If your device is in Airplane Mode and you want to connect to in-flight Wi-Fi, just connect to the Wi-Fi network the way you normally would. Don't turn off Airplane Mode and things will be fine.

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