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What is FaceTime?


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FaceTime - FaceTime is the video calling technology introduced by Apple on the iPhone 4. Apple later extended support for FaceTime to other devices.

FaceTime takes advantage of a digital camera on these devices that faces the user to allow for video calls. It shows the caller to the receiver of the call, and vice versa. Calls can be made between any FaceTime compatible devices, i.e. from iPhone to Mac, from iPad to iPod touch.

FaceTime only works on Wi-Fi; it is not supported for 3G networks. This is a restriction imposed by cell phone companies, as the FaceTime software is able to work on 3G networks.

FaceTime Requirements
On an iOS device: iOS 4 or higher, a supported device
On a Mac: Mac OS X 10.6.6 or higher, a compatible camera, the Facetime app.

Facetime Device Compatibility
FaceTime works on the following devices:

FaceTime does not work on Windows as of this writing (June 2011).

At its introduction in June 2010, FaceTime only worked on iOS 4, the iPhone 4, and Wi-Fi. Support for the touch and Mac OS were added in the fall of 2010. Support for the iPad 2 was added in March 2011.

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