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What Devices Are iOS 7 Compatible?


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Question: What Devices Are iOS 7 Compatible?
With the unveiling of iOS 7--the new operating system that not only adds a cool new interface, but also hundreds of compelling new features--you may be wondering if your device will be able to run it. Though iOS 7 won't be released until Fall 2013, this list can help you discover whether your old device will do or if it's time to upgrade.

The devices that are iOS 7 compatible are:



iPod touch

Any iPhone, iPod, or iPad that's missing from this list can't use iOS 7. Some of them can run iOS 6, though, and some of the older models on this list can use more of iOS 6's advanced features (find out what devices run iOS 6 here). While iOS 6 is still a very good OS, some of the models that can't run iOS 7 are four years/generations old, while others are expected to be replaced by new models in Fall 2013. If you have one these older models, consider upgrading. IOS 7 and its great features may convince you that it's time for a new iPhone, iPod, or iPad.

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