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iPhone Ringtones Frequently Asked Questions


Updated May 26, 2014

What Songs Can Be Made into Ringtones Using iTunes?

When the iTunes editor launched, only songs you have purchased from the iTunes Store could be made into ringtones (UPDATE: Apple removed this editor in iTunes 10). Now, nearly any song in your iTunes library can made turned into a ringtone using either an audio editor or an iPhone app.

How Many iTunes Store Songs Can Be Made Into Ringtones?

When the service launched on Sept. 11, 2007, 500,000 songs could be made into ringtones at the iTunes Store. Now, since ringtones are made outside iTunes, nearly any song can be used.

How Much do iPhone Ringtones Cost?

When the iTunes ringtone service launched, ringtones themselves costs US$0.99, but had to be bought along with the song the ringtone comes from. A ringtone and song cost US$1.98 combined.

However, with the Sept. 2010 release of iTunes 10, Apple removed the ability to create custom ringtones from iTunes. Ringtones may still be purchased via the iTunes Store app on iOS devices, though, for US$0.99-$1.29 and songs, purchased or not, can also be turned into ringtones.

Can I Make or Buy a Ringtone for a Song I Don’t Own?

Yes. There are a number of third-party programs that let you create iTunes ringtones using songs you already have in your iTunes library, whether you purchased them or acquired them another way.

How Long Can a Ringtones Be?

Most iPhone ringtones are 30 or 40 seconds long, depending on what program they were made with.

How Do I Make My Own Ringtones?

Apple removed the built-in editor in iTunes 10. There are other programs that can be used to create iPhone ringtones, too.

Do Ringtone Authorizations Use One of My 5 iTunes Authorizations?

No. As long as your computer was previously authorized to play content from the iTunes Store, the reauthorization required when making a ringtone does not use one of your 5 activations.

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