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iPhone Ringtone Creation and Installation Programs


It just makes sense that a phone that’s also a music player would be able to use the songs stored on it as ringtones. It makes sense, sure, but it’s not always easy when it comes to iPhone ringtones.

Apple has set the iPhone up in a way that tries to force people to use its iTunes Store and software to create and buy iPhone ringtones. And while the iTunes ringtone maker is pretty neat, third-party developers have stepped up and created programs to create and install ringtones on the iPhone, too. And, unlike Apple’s $0.99 ringtones, the iPhone ringtones created by these programs are free.

Of course, Apple isn’t a fan of this, so these ringtones are often erased as part of Apple’s iPhone software updates. Still, if you’re willing to put up with the hassle of reinstalling your ringtones regularly, here’s a list of programs that can help you create your own iPhone ringtones.

NOTE: As usual, if you use any of these programs to hack your iPhone, you’re doing it at your own risk and could ruin the phone. You were warned.

UPDATE: There are now iOS apps that can make ringtones easily and effectively. Check out these apps:

Progam iBrickr iFuntastic iPhoneRing ToneMaker iToner iTunes Song Sender MakeiPhone Ringtone
Developer natetrue iPhoneAlley Efiko Ambrosia Apple Erica Sadun Rogue Amoeba
Cost Free Free $14.95 $15 Free Free Free
Platform Windows Mac Windows Mac Mac and Windows iPhone Mac
Features Customizes screens, programs, ringtones The leading iPhone customization program: install programs, change icons, install ringtones Edit and install ringtones Installs ringtones Full iPod/iPhone music management system and store; official software Uses songs in iPhone library Drag and drop ringtones to iPhone
Ringtones Deleted by Apple Updates Yes Yes No No No No No
Link IBrickr IFuntastic IPhoneRing ToneMaker IToner ITunes Song Sender MakeiPhone Ringtone
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