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iPhone Plans and Working with AT&T

Learn what AT&T's iPhone rate plans are for different types of users (individuals, families, and businesses), and how to work with AT&T.

How to Check Your iPhone Data Use
Never unknowingly go over your monthly data limit again.

When Will iPhone Tethering Be Available Through AT&T?
Die-hard mobile web users have been hankering after iPhone tethering practically since the phone was first announced and, despite some promises, they’re still waiting.

Keep Your Current Phone Number with iPhone
Cell phone numbers are portable —you can move them from one provider to another when you switch carriers. This means that people switching to AT&T for the iPhone will be able to keep their old phone number when they buy a new iPhone.

iPhone Rate Plan Comparison Chart - For Individuals
Every iPhone must be used on AT&T cell phone network and requires an AT&T contract and rate plan for use. Here is a simple comparison chart of the iPhone individuals rate plans for U.S. customers to help you decide which options is best for you.

iPhone Business Rate Plan Comparison Chart

iPhone Rate Plan Comparison Chart - For Familes
Want to save money on your family's monthly iPhone bill? A shared family plan might be the best bet. Check out what AT&T and Verizon offer to families.

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