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iPod Battery Replacement

Your Options for Replacing an iPod Battery


A well-cared-for iPod can last many years, but there’s a downside to that longevity: sooner or later, you’re going to face the need for iPod battery replacement.

An iPod used and charged regularly can start to show decreased battery life after 18-24 months (though some last much longer) and, if you’ve still got the iPod after two or three years, you’ll likely notice that the battery holds less juice, making the iPod less useful. If you’re still satisfied with everything else about the iPod, though, you may not want to buy a whole new iPod when all you need is a replacement battery.

But, the iPod’s battery is not (easily) replaceable by users because it is sealed into the device’s case, which has no doors, hinges, or screws. So what are your options?

iPod Battery Replacement Options

Apple – Apple offers an iPod battery replacement program for out-of-warranty models through its retail stores and its website. There are conditions on the program, but many older models should qualify.

Repair Shops – Many websites offer iPod battery replacement services. Google “ipod battery replacement” and you’ll likely find a decent selection. Send your iPod to these companies and, for a fee, they’ll install a new battery. Make sure to sync your iPod before you send it, though, so all your data is safely backed up on your computer.

Do It Yourself – If you’re handy, or tinkerer, you can replace your iPod’s battery yourself. This is a little trickier, though, but Google will supply with you many companies willing to sell you the tools and battery you need to do this. Make sure you’ve synced your iPod before you start and know what you’re doing. Otherwise, you could end up with a dead iPod.

Is iPod Battery Replacement Worth It?

Replacing the dead or dying battery in your iPod may seem like a good idea, but is it always worth it?

As of May 2009, Apple charges US$49-$79 for its services, while repair shops will charge $15-$50 for their services or a kit for you to do it yourself.

While those prices are fairly affordable, before you lay out the money, decide whether putting $50 to the purchase of a new iPod makes more sense. It may not – your current iPod may be all you need – but for just $100 or $200 more than that $50, you can get a brand new iPod with more capacity and features than your old one.

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