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iPod & iPhone Battery Tips & Troubleshooting


iphone battery

iPhone Battery Charging

Updated May 26, 2014

For a pretty wonderful line of products, batteries on the iPhone and iPod can be a sore spot. Unlike other consumer electronics, iPhone and iPod batteries can't be replaced by users. This is the result of a calculated trade-off by Apple: to get the high-end, smooth-lined industrial design that have helped the iPod and iPhone be so successful, batteries have to be locked inside the device’s case.

This can mean, in some cases, that an otherwise perfectly good iPod can be done in by a failing battery – which can be a frustrating situation. This site offers a number of articles to help you get the longest battery life out of your iPod or iPhone and to understand your options when batteries fail.

iPod Battery Questions

iPod & iPhone Battery Life Tips

iPod Battery Replacement Strategies

Battery Troubleshooting

Extended-Life Batteries for iPhone

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