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How to Sync iPhone to Computer


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Info Tab: Sync Contacts, Email, Calendar to iPhone
sync iphone contacts

The Info tab is where you manage the sync settings for contacts, calendars, email accounts, and other data.

Sync Contacts
Choose to sync all contacts or just selected groups of contacts. The other three options in this box include:

  • Add contacts created outside of groups on this iPhone to - Determines what group new contacts should be added to when the contact isn't otherwise in a group.
  • Sync Yahoo! Address Book contacts - Configure this to sync your Yahoo! Address Book with iPhone.
  • Sync Google Contacts - Configure this to sync your Google Contacts with iPhone.

If your contacts are being synced between devices using iCloud, there won't be any options in this box, just a message about iCloud.

Sync Calendars
Lets you decide whether to sync all the calendars on your computer to the iPhone or just selected ones. You can also choose to not sync events older than 30 days.

Again, if you're using iCloud to sync your calendar data, you'll see a message about that.

Sync Mail Accounts
This box allows you to choose which email accounts from your computer are synced to the iPhone. This doesn't sync email messages, it just syncs your email account names and settings.

Lets you decide whether or not to sync your desktop Safari web browser bookmarks to the iPhone, as well as notes created in the iPhone's Notes app. Again, this data can be synced using iCloud.

This box lets you choose overwrite data on the iPhone with data from the computer. Normally the sync process merges data, but this option--which should only be used with by more advanced users--will replace all the iPhone data with the computer's data for those categories.

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