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iPhone Set Up Guide


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iPhone Set Up, step 1

iPhone Set Up, step 1

NOTE: If your current iPhone is your first ever iPhone, use the iPhone set up guide here instead.

If the iPhone you want to set up is an upgrade from an earlier iPhone model or from an iPod or iPad, read on.

Buying and Activation

The first step is setting up your iPhone is, of course, to buy it. You can buy the phone a number of places. While activation used to involve an in-store process, it doesn't anymore; everything can now be done at home or the office.

Upgraders will find that they don't need to swap their SIM card from their old iPhone - the activation process transfers your number to the new phone. (Don't forget, too, that once you've upgraded, you've got a used iPhone that many people will be willing to buy. If you're not already passing your old iPhone down to someone, why not recoup some cash?)

To begin setting up your new iPhone, press the sleep/power button to turn your iPhone on. When it turns on, you'll see the image above. Slide the slider to begin the set up process.

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