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How to Sync iPhone Contacts with Google, Yahoo, & Address Books


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How to Sync iPhone Contacts with Google, Yahoo, & Address Books
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The contact sync settings in iTunes

The more contact information you have on your iPhone, the more powerful a tool it becomes. Whether you use your iPhone for business or just for staying in touch with friends and family, having names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses all in one place is pretty handy.

What if your contacts are spread throughout different locations, such as your computer's address book and your Google account? How do you sync contacts with iPhone?

Generally speaking, it's not too difficult a process, but there are a few things you need to know.

Whatever you're going to do, you need to begin by syncing your iPhone with your computer. When you do this, the management screen appears in iTunes. Along the top of the screen are a number of tabs. The first is Info. Click that.

This is the screen that lets you control what email addresses and contacts are synced to your iPhone. In order to sync contacts, make sure Sync Address Book Contacts is checked.

If you want to just use the contacts stored in your computer's address book (the Address Book program on Mac OS X, the built-in address book on Windows, or another desktop program like Outlook), choose to sync either All contacts or Selected groups.

According to Apple, Windows users can only sync iPhone contacts to one source, whether that's their desktop address book, Yahoo Address Book, or Google contacts. So make your choice carefully Windows users.

If you'd prefer to sync your iPhone with Google or Yahoo, or are on a Mac and want to use multiple sources, continue to the next step.

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