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Setting and Changing iPhone Wallpaper


Setting and Changing iPhone Wallpaper
setting iphone wallpaper

Setting Wallpaper and Lock Screen

Changing your wallpaper is one of the easiest ways that you can customize your iPhone. You can use any photo on your iPhone as your wallpaper or lockscreen. Here's how.

Changing iPhone Wallpaper

When it comes wallpaper, there are two things you can change:

  • Home screen - The image that appears beneath your apps (it's like the desktop image on your computer)
  • Lock screen - The screen that appears when you wake up your iPhone to unlock it.

Both screens can have the same image or each can be different.

How to Change iPhone Wallpapers

Read this step-by-step tutorial to learn how to change iPhone wallpapers.


Adding Images to iPhone
There are a number of ways that you can get new images to use as your wallpaper. They include:


Saving Images from the Web

To save images from a website, first find the image you want to save and use as your iPhone wallpaper on a website. When you've found the image, tap it and hold your finger on the screen until a menu pops up. Tap Save Image. This will save the image to your Camera Roll, where you can use the standard instructions for setting your iPhone wallpaper (remember, though, if it's not the right size for your iPhone it may look a little weird).


Downloadable iPhone Wallpapers

You can use photos from the iPhone photos app for your wallpapers, but there are also a number of places that you can download pre-made images for your phone. Many like to use these images to customize their phones for the holidays. Here are some options for that:


Wallpaper & Customization Apps

In addition to these options, there are a number of apps that help you design stylish and interesting wallpapers and lock screen images. Many of them are free, so if you're interested in exploring these options, check out 5 Apps That Help You Customize Your iPhone.


iPhone Wallpaper Size

You can also make your own iPhone wallpapers using an image editing or illustration program on your computer. If you do that, sync the image to your phone and then select the wallpaper in the way described in the article above.

To do this, though, you need to create an image that's the right size for your device. These are the correct sizes, in pixels, for wallpapers:

  • iPhone 5S, 5C, and 5: 1136 x 640
  • 5th generation iPod touch: 1136 x 640
  • iPhone 4 and 4S: 960 x 640
  • 4th generation iPod touch: 960 x 480
  • All other iPhone and iPod touch models: 480 x 320
  • iPad 3 and 4: 2048 x 1536
  • Original iPad and iPad 2: 1024 x 768
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