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iPhone Tutorials & How-Tos

Step-by-step guides to how to do what you want with your iPhone, from setting it up, transferring phone numbers, syncing your content, and more.

How to Turn Off In-App Purchases on iPhone
With just a few easy steps, you can prevent unexpected charges from piling up in your iTunes account.

Shake to Undo on iPhone
In iPhone OS 3 and higher, the phone's accelerometer isn't just for changing the orientation of the screen or shaking to shuffle. It can also be used to undo or redo typing.

Share Your Favorite iPhone Tips and Tricks
There are tons of not-very-well-known iPhone tips and tricks that make the iPhone more fun and useful. Share your favorite tips and tricks here to help others get the most out of their iPhones.

How to Use Common Filetypes on iPhone
Can you create Word documents on the iPhone? How about PDFs? Find out.

How to Backup Contacts to iPhone SIM
It's a common thing on pre-iPhone cellphones, but is it even an option on the iPhone?

How To: iPhone Bluetooth Pairing
Find out how to connect Bluetooth devices of all kinds--not just earpieces--to your iPhone.

How to Sync iPhone Contacts with Google, Yahoo, & Address Books
Quick techniques for syncing your contacts from various programs and services to your iPhone.

Rearranging the iPhone Home Screen Icons
You're not stuck with the arrangement of apps on your home screen that your iOS device comes with. You can move the apps around and group them in folders to customize your iPhone the way you prefer.

10 Awesome, Little Known Features of the iOS
You may consider yourself an iPhone expert, but do you know these cool, obscure features?

How to Sync iPhone Over Wi-Fi
What you need to know to sync your iPhone or iPod touch (using iOS 5 or higher) over Wi-Fi.

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