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iPhone Email How-Tos & Tutorials

Using email on the iPhone is about so much more than downloading and sending messages. Find out more here.

How to Set Up iPhone Email
Learn how to set up email accounts on your iPhone or iPod touch.

Using iPhone Email
Sending and receiving email on the iPhone is pretty simple, but there's much more to it than that. From creating multiple accounts, sending attachments, moving messages, and all the various settings, there's a lot to learn. Read on to find out about all aspects on iPhone email.

iPhone Tip: Save Disk Space on Email
The early iPhones didn't have much storage, but you can free some up with this email-related tip.

How to Delete Emails on the iPhone
The iPhone can hold a running list of all the email that’s been sent to the email accounts you’ve configured the phone to check. But you won’t want to save some email — spam, annoying messages, things with large attachments that you don’t want to view on the iPhone. In that case, you’ll want to delete email.

iPhone Email Settings
Get the lowdown on some of the more low-level settings of the iPhone mail app.

Reading, Writing, and Sending iPhone Email
After your email accounts are set up, you'll need to learn how to read, write, and send email.

iPhone Email Tip: Mark as Read or Unread
Manage your inbox with these simple tips.

Moving, Deleting, Marking Messages in iPhone Mail
Do you know how to mark emails as read without needing to actually read them? Find out here.

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