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4 iPhone Apps for Tax Time


Yes folks, it’s that time of year again - tax season. While few people actually like doing their taxes, these iPhone apps can make the process a little easier. Whether you need to track business expenses or trip mileage, the iPhone is a great way to keep track of your important tax information.

1. H&R Block Tax Answers

H&R Block iPhone App
H&R Block

Taxes are complicated, but the Tax Answers app (H&R Block, Free) may help you find an answer to that nagging question. Within the app, you can browse questions that have already been asked or submit your own question to be answered by a tax professional. There’s also a glossary of common terms. The app doesn't say how long you'll wait to receive an answer, but you can search for H&R Block locations if you need to speak to someone in person.

2. iXpenseIt

iXpenseIt iPhone App
FYI Mobileware

Keeping track of expenses and receipts is one of the most frustrating parts of doing your taxes. iXpenseIt (FYI Mobileware, $4.99) is an easy solution for tracking all the information you’ll need come tax time. The app is password protected and you can create your own expense categories. You can also take a quick snapshot of a receipt to view later. 

3. TaxCaster Mobile

TaxCaster Mobile iPhone App
Intuit, Inc.

The TaxCaster Mobile app (Intuit Inc., Free), from the makers of TurboTax, is quick way to determine how much you’ll owe or how big a refund you can expect. Enter your income and deductions and the app will give you a ballpark estimate. The app isn’t going to do your taxes, but it’ll give you a rough idea of what to expect when you file.

4. Trip Cubby

Trip Cubby iPhone App
The Application Cubby LLC


If you need to keep track of your mileage for tax deduction purposes, Trip Cubby (The Application Cubby LLC, $6.99) is a slick app that will help you keep a handle on this info. You can quickly add your mileage data and chart your deduction categories. The app will also export all of your data to an Excel file via email. 


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