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Top 14 Best Free iPhone Music Apps, page 2


9. NPR Music

The NPR Music app is a great way to discover new music, especially if you are into indie rock. It lacks the variety of other iPhone music apps, but it does include access to 75 public radio stations and popular music podcasts like All Songs Considered and Thistle & Shamrock. You'll also find music news, interviews, and editorial reviews. Download at iTunes | Read Full Review

10. Songza

Songza takes some ideas from the grand old app on this list--Pandora--and applies them to a new idea. Like Pandora, you can rate songs thumbs up and down to help what you hear match your tastes. However, rather than letting you choose the artist or song you want to start with, Songza gives you playlists that match the time of day, your mood, or your activity. There's a great idea there, but unfortunately the Songza app has too many problems with inconsistent bandwidth (in the form of pauses and choppiness) to merit a strong recommendation. Download at iTunes | Read Full Review

11. iTunes Radio

ITunes Radio is Apple's answer to Pandora: a streaming, radio-style music service that builds its playlists based on the songs or artists a user likes. While it's not as refined as Pandora (which isn't surprising; Pandora's had years to perfect its offering), it's built into iTunes and iOS, is tightly integrated with the iTunes, and provides tons of great music for free. If you subscribe to iTunes Match, it's ad-free. Read Full Review

12. 8tracks Radio

8tracks Radio is unique in the world of music apps in that it features user-submitted mixes and "handcrafted" playlists. There is a good amount of variety, including everything from Eminem to Arcade Fire. It is rather hard to tell the genre of each mix, as many of the descriptions are more artsy than informative. Clearer descriptions would be nice, as would the ability to rate individuals mixes. Download at iTunes | Read Full Review

13. Wolfgang's Vault

Wolfgang's Vault brings together over 4,500 live concert recordings from the past 60-plus years into a truly impressive catalog. From classic recordings from the Newport Jazz and Folk Festivals to modern sets from SxSW to 1960s-era West Coast concerts promoted by Bill Graham, the app offers a bounty for live music lovers. Unfortunately, its performance is slow, with the app often really dragging when it needs to load content via the web. It's limited to 10 hours of free listening per month. Unlimited listening costs US$48/year. Download at iTunes | Read Full Review

14. Twitter #music

It's hard to understand exactly what Twitter #music really is. It's not quite a music streaming app: by default you only get 30-second previews and full songs require a Spotify or Rdio subscription. It's sort of a music discovery app, but it's hard to find music, the categories bands get put into aren't clear, and its suggestions aren't as powerful as those from services like Pandora. It makes sense to try to add music features on top of the powerful social platform offered by Twitter, but this app isn't close to realizing that promise. Download at iTunes | Read Full Review

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