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Top 14 Best Free iPhone Music Apps


Pandora Internet Radio App

Pandora Internet Radio App for the iPhone

Pandora Media, LLC
Shazam iPhone App

Shazam App for the iPhone

Shazam Entertainment Ltd.
Last.fm iPhone App

Last.fm App for the iPhone


iPhone apps can be expensive, especially if you buy as many as I do. Fortunately, some of the best music apps won’t cost you a dime. Whether you want to listen to free music or identify that unknown song on the radio, these iPhone apps are worthy additions to your collection. 

Interested in streaming music apps like Spotify, Rdio, and Beats? Check out this article.


1. Pandora Radio

Pandora Radio is one of the most downloaded free apps from the App Store because it’s simple and works incredibly well. Pandora sets itself apart from other Internet radio apps because it compiles customized playlists based on the music you like. Pandora’s recommendations are usually spot-on, and I find it very easy to navigate. Unfortunately, you’re limited to 40 hours of free music per month (it costs $0.99 to upgrade to unlimited usage), and you can only skip up to six songs per hour and 12 songs per day. Download at iTunes | Read Full Review

2. Band of the Day

This app is like having a very plugged-in friend who recommends an interesting new band to you every single day. And if you're looking to constantly discover new music, that's a very valuable thing to have. Unlike many apps that offer free music for sampling, Band of the Day both closely curates the music it offers and gives you 3-5 songs to sample, which really helps find out if you like the musician. While it leans heavily on a few genres--singer/songwriter, indie, folk, blues--if you like those genres, you'll like this app a lot. Download at iTunes | Read Full Review

3. Shazam

It can be incredibly frustrating to hear a great song on the radio and not know who sings it. That’s where Shazam comes in. It’s a music identification app that tells you the song title and artist just by hearing about 10 seconds of music. The free version gives you five song identifications per month, while Shazam Encore ($4.99) offers unlimited tags. For most songs, Shazam works very well, but it has a tough time identifying songs from obscure artists. Download at iTunes | Read Full Review

4. Last.fm

Last.fm is often mentioned as a competitor to Pandora, and while it offers the same type of service -- streaming music -- it has its own unique benefits. The Last.fm app creates personalized music recommendations based on your preferences, but it also provides extras like tour dates and an events calendar. Unlike Pandora, you can skip between songs as much as you like and there are no monthly usage limits, but it takes a bit longer to buffer. Download at iTunes | Read Full Review

5. Slacker Internet Radio

Slacker Internet Radio is another music app that provides access to hundreds of radio stations from nearly every genre. You can also create personalized stations based on specific artists or songs. I really like that Slacker lets you fine-tune these stations by specifying song popularity or year. For example, you can elect to hear fringe groups or popular hits on your personalized station. Slacker does limit the amount of times you can skip a song -- six skips per hour per station -- but the Twitter and Facebook integration is a nice touch. Download at iTunes | Read Full Review

6. Rhapsody

Unlike the music apps discussed above, Rhapsody requires a monthly subscription of at least $9.99 per month. On the plus side, the app allows for unlimited listening to more than 11 million songs, so you can listen to the music you want on demand. Rhapsody also supports offline listening, which is a huge perk. If you buy at least 10 songs from iTunes each month, a Rhapsody subscription is definitely worth considering. Download at iTunes | Read Full Review

7. TuneIn Radio

There are so many radio apps available, but TuneIn Radio really sets itself apart. It includes more than 40,000 radio stations, in addition to local stations in your nearby area. The best part? You can pause and rewind live radio, which is a feature I haven't found on many iPhone radio apps. I also love that the current song is displayed underneath each radio listing. Very rarely, I couldn't get a station to load, but that's the only downside. Download at iTunes | Read Full Review  

8. Daytrotter

Daytrotter offers over 1,000 mini concerts--3-5 songs in each--from indie bands both successful and obscure, all for free. Stream music over Wi-Fi, 3G, or EDGE, and share music via Twitter and Facebook. With new concerts, called sessions, added all the time, Daytrotter is a fantastic app for the indie music fan or someone who wants to become one. Download at iTunes | Read Full Review

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