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Using iPhone Apps and the App Store


One of the most fun and useful things about the iPhone and iPod touch is the huge array of apps available for them. These article will teach you about the App Store, using apps, and will offer recommendations on the best apps to do just about anything!
  1. Using the App Store
  2. The Best Productivity Apps
  3. The Best Shopping & Lifestyle Apps
  1. The Best Music, Sports, and Entertainment Apps
  2. The Best Technology Apps
  3. The Best Travel Apps

Using the App Store

app store logo

The ins and outs of the App Store, from the basics (using it to find and download apps) to the advanced (how to redownload apps).

The Best Productivity Apps

to do apps

Make the iPhone works for you with these productivity apps that will help you get things done and stay organized at the office and at home.

The Best Shopping & Lifestyle Apps

Amazon Mobile iPhone app

Master your household with these apps. From saving money to finding just the right recipe to improving your health, these apps will help you do it.

The Best Music, Sports, and Entertainment Apps

pandora app

IPhone apps are great for keeping you entertained and informed. Check out these apps that will increase your enjoyment of your new phone.

The Best Technology Apps

facebook app for iphone

Stay connected, customize your iPhone, and get the most out of the web with these technology apps for the iPhone.

The Best Travel Apps

smartfuel gas prices finder app

Never leave home without your iPhone. With these apps--which can save you money, time, and frustration when you travel--you won't want to.

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