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Using iPhone Copy and Paste


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Introduction to iPhone Copy and Paste
iphone copy and paste, step 1

One of the major additions that arrived in iPhone OS 3.0 was the ability to copy and paste text, images, video, and other content. But how to use copy and paste is not immediately obvious.

Here are some tips on using copy and paste. To use copy and paste, you’ll need an iPhone – any model – running OS 3.0.

Copy and paste is controlled through a pop up menu. In order to get it to pop up, tap on a word or area of the screen and hold your finger down. When the magnifying glass pops up, you can remove your finger.

When you do this, the copy and paste pop up menu will appear and you'll see a the word you tapped on highlighted.

In some apps the menu will read Copy and offer movable boundaries (see section 4 for more on this). In others, it will read Select/Select All.

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