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Using iPhone Voice Control with Phone


Voice Control is a feature available on the iPhone 3GS that allows users to speak to their iPhones and have the iPhones speak back. The feature works with both the iPod and phone apps of the iPhone 3GS.

When it comes to the phone, Voice Control is especially useful if your iPhone is in a pocket or you're driving and want to keep your eyes on the road while making a call. Here's how to use Voice Control with the phone:

Activate Voice Control

First, you have to activate Voice Control. This can be done via the home button or remote on the iPhone 3GS' included earphones. Wait to hear a double beep and/or see the Voice Control app appear onscreen.

Dial a Person

Using Voice Control to call someone in your address book is very simple. Just say "call (person's name)." Voice Control will repeat the name back to you and begin dialing. If it picks the wrong person, simply tap the Cancel button at the bottom of the screen to end the call.

If the person you're trying to call has multiple numbers listed in your address book, simply say the number you want called, too. For instance, "Call Sam Costello mobile" would dial my cell, while "Call Sam Costello home" would call my house. As always, Voice Control will repeat back to you what it's going to do.

If someone has multiple numbers and you forget to specify what number to call, Voice Control will say "multiple matches found" and list them. Wait for the double beep and then say what number you want called (mobile, home, other, etc.) and it will dial.

If Voice Control isn't sure what name you said, it will often offer the "multiple matches found" option and then speak them to you. Wait for the double deep and say the name again or cancel.

Dial a Number

You don't have to have a number listed in your address book in order to call it using Voice Control. Simply activate Voice Control and then say "call (the number)" and list off the numbers. You can combine numbers, too (for instance 800 is recognized both when you say "eight hundred" or spell it out as 8-0-0).

And don't worry: while Voice Control has some accuracy problems when it comes to music, it understands speech very well for the phone.


You can also use Voice Control to activate FaceTime, Apple's video chatting technology. For this to work, FaceTime needs to be turned on and you need to be calling someone with a FaceTime-compatible device. Assuming those requirements are met, using Voice Control to activate FaceTime works the same way as with other calls. Try using the person you want to call's full name and avoiding possessives, which can be hard for Voice Control to process. Try something like "FaceTime Dad on his mobile."

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