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iPad Comparison vs. Competitors: Galaxy Tab, Kindle, Playbook, and More

Find out how the iPad compares to all the devices it competes with, including e-readers (like Kindle and nook), tablets (like the Galaxy Tab), and even the iPhone and iPod touch.

Comparing Features: iPad vs. iPhone vs. iPod touch
The iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad share a lot of things in common--the same operating system and apps, similar shapes and styling. But there's a lot that makes them different, too.

Comparing Costs: iPad vs. iPhone vs. iPod touch
The costs can be deceptive--they're not just price tags.

iPad Model and Price Comparison
This side-by-side comparison chart makes it easy to keep track of the many iPad and iPad mini models, how they differ, and what they cost.

Comparing e-Readers: iPad vs Kindle vs Nook
If you're in the market for an e-reader, deciding between a Kindle, iPad, and nook may not be easy. To help you make a smart decision, check out this chart comparing the leading e-readers.

Deciding iPad vs Kindle - Kindle vs iPad
With the debut of the iPad and Barnes and Noble's nook, there are suddenly a lot more choices than just the Kindle when it comes to eReader hardware.

Comparing Apple iPad vs. Dell Streak vs. iPod touch
With its new portable entertainment device, the Streak, Dell has put itself in competition with both the iPad and the iPod touch. The question is, though, how does the Streak stack up when compared to the iPad and iPod touch?

Choosing Between iPad, iPod touch, and Dell Streak
With the entry of Dell's Streak into the space between the iPad and the iPod touch, there are now many choices for people looking for portable entertainment and web devices. While the iPad offers a big screen and the touch offers great portability, the Streak sports a medium-sized screen and always-on connectivity.

Comparing iPad 2 vs. HP TouchPad
Apple's iPad 2 showed that tablet computers could be a huge part of users' lives. As a result, many other manufacturers are releasing tablets. Among those is HP's TouchPad. The question is, though, how does the TouchPad stack up when compared to the iPad 2?

Comparing iPad 2 vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab
When the leading tablets enter the ring, which one comes out on top?

Apple iPad vs. Galaxy Tab, BlackBerry PlayBook, Motorola Xoom
This side-by-side comparison chart will help you see how to the iPad compares to other tablets from major manufacturers.

iPad Comparison Chart
This side-by-side comparison chart helps you see how one iPad model is different from another and how the models have changed over time.

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