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I Just Got an iPad ... What's Next?


The iPad is quite a device. It's the best around-the-house web browsing tool, a terrific gaming plaform, an eBook reader, and much more. Even if you've had an iPod or iPhone, setting up and using the iPad is a bit different. There's a lot to learn, of course, but these tutorials, how-tos, and tips are what you're likely to need to know in the early days of having an iPad.

1. Setting Up iPad

apple ipad
image copyright Apple Inc.

The basics: Getting the required software and accounts, andunderstanding the iPad's hardware, and then setting up your iPad and getting started.


2. Using iPad

squish skin ipad case
image copyright Hard Candy Cases

When you've set up the iPad, you'll want to learn how some basic tasks, including the things in these articles.

3. The iPad as eBook Reader

Apple iBooks

In some ways, the iPad is designed to go head to head with Amazon's Kindle and Barnes and Noble's nook eReaders. These articles compare the three, and help you use the iPad to replace shelves of books.

4. Getting and Using iPad Apps

App Store logo
image copyright Apple Inc.

The hundreds of thousands of apps available at the App Store are one of the things that make having an iPad great.

5. iPad Help & Support

apple ipad battery

The iPad is generally pretty easy to use, but sometimes things go wrong. When they do, these articles will help you fi them.

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