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How to Set Up iPad


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Configure Wi-Fi and Location Services
setting up iPad, step 2

Joining Wi-Fi and Configuring Location Services

Next, connect your iPad to your Wi-Fi network. You need to do this in order to activate the device with Apple. This is a required step that you can't skip if you want to use your iPad. If you don't have a Wi-Fi network to connect to, plug in the USB cable that came with your iPad into the bottom of the device and into your computer.

Your iPad will display a message about contacting Apple for activation and, when it's done, will move you on to the next step.

That step is to choose whether you'll use Location Services or not. Location Services is a feature of the iPad that lets it know where you are geographically. This is useful for apps that make use of your location (for instance, to recommend you a nearby restaurant or give you show times at your nearest movie theater) and for Find My iPad (more on that in Step 4). Turning on Location Services isn't required, but it's so useful, I strongly recommend it.

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