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Anatomy of the Apple iPad 2


iPad 2 Hardware Features
apple ipad 2 anatomy

iPad 2

image copyright Apple Inc.

The image above shows the iPad 2 from the front (good quality images of the side and back are not yet available). The features present on each side of the device are explained below, since knowing what each item is will help you to use and, if necessary, troubleshoot your iPad 2.

  • 1. Home button. Press this button when you want to exit an app and return to your home screen. It's also involved in restarting a frozen iPad and rearranging your apps and adding new screens.
  • 2. Dock connector. This is where you plug in the USB cable to sync your iPad and your computer.
  • 3. Speakers. The built-in speakers on the bottom of the iPad 2 play music and audio from movies, games, and apps. The speaker on this model is larger and louder than on the first-generation model.
  • 4. Hold button. This button locks the iPad 2's screen and puts the device to sleep. It's also one of the buttons you hold to restart a frozen iPad.
  • 5. Mute/Screen Orientation Lock Button. In iOS 4.3 this button can serve multiple purposes depending on your preference. Toggling this switch can either mute the volume of the iPad 2, or be used as a screen orientation lock to prevent the iPad 2's screen from automatically switching from landscape to portrait mode (or vice versa) when the orientation of the device is changed.
  • 6. Volume Controls. Use this button to raise or lower the volume of the audio played through the speakers at the bottom of the iPad 2.
  • 7. Headphone Jack. - Plug in headphones here.
  • 8. Front Camera. This camera can record video at 720p HD resolution and works with FaceTime.

Not Pictured (on Back)

  • 1. Antenna cover. This small strip of black plastic is found only on iPads that have 3G connectivity built in. The strip covers the 3G antenna and allows the 3G signal to reach the iPad. WiFi-only iPads don't have this; they have solid gray back panels.
  • 2. Back Camera. This camera takes still photos and video at VGA resolution and also works with FaceTime. It's located in the top left corner on the back of the iPad 2.
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