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How to Turn Off iPad


turn off ipad

The iPad 2

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Many people describe the iPad a lot like an oversized iPhone. Though that's not completely true in all cases, when it comes to some things, it is. One of those things is how to turn off the iPad. Shutting off the iPad is just as simple as turning off the iPhone.

To turn off the iPad, follow these steps:

  • Begin by locating the iPad's hold button. This button is on the top right-hand corner of the iPad.
  • Press the hold button for a few seconds, until a red slider appears at the top of the screen that says "slide to power off."
  • Slide it to the right. (If you don't want to shut it down, tap the "cancel" button at the bottom of the screen.)
  • You'll see a small wheel and then the screen will go dim. The iPad is now shut off.

To turn the iPad back on, just press the hold button until the screen lights up and the Apple logo appears. Then let the button go and the iPad will boot up.

These instructions apply to the following iPad models:

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