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Does Apple Provide iPad Battery Replacement?


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The Apple iPad

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Last Updated: March 2010

Question: Does Apple Provide iPad Battery Replacement?

Batteries are an interesting issue when it comes to Apple products like the iPhone and iPad. Because Apple designs these products with solid cases to be stylish, they don’t have doors or removable items, meaning the batteries are inside the case and aren’t removable by the user.

So what options do you have if your iPad battery won’t hold a charge any longer and need battery replacement?



Turns out, Apple will give you a brand new iPad for US$99 (plus shipping and tax).

There’s no word yet on whether battery replacement on an older model iPad will net the latest generation (expect that once we’ve got more than one generation of iPad). This iPad replacement program can be coordinated through retail Apple Stores, authorized tech support providers, or Apple’s customer service line.

As always, remember to back up your data before swapping for your new iPad – otherwise you’ll lose all your data.


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