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iPad Data Plans


Updated May 26, 2014

All three U.S. carriers that offer the iPad and iPad mini--AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon--support the 3G and 4G LTE wireless models that allow users to get online anywhere there's a signal (Sprint was a little late to the game, only beginning to offer service in Nov. 2012). All three carriers offer higher-end, multi-gigabyte plans, while AT&T and Sprint both offer lower-cost plans that include less data.

Note: iPad 3G contracts in place before 6/7/10 can retain AT&T's original $30/month for unlimited data plan.

AT&T and Verizon iPad Data Plans

Monthly Data AT&T Sprint Verizon
250 MB (overage) $15 (200 MB/$15) n/a n/a
300 MB n/a $15 n/a
2 GB n/a n/a $30
3 GB (overage) $30 (1 GB/$10) $35 n/a
5 GB (overage) $50 (1 GB/$10) n/a $50 (1 GB/$10)
6 GB n/a $50 n/a
10 GB (overage) n/a n/a $80 (1 GB/$10)
12 GB n/a $80 n/a
Month-to-Month Contract? Yes Yes Yes
Early Termination Fee? No No No
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