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Got a new iPad or thinking about getting one? This is the place to start. Learn all about the different iPad models and, once you've got one, how to use them.
  1. All About the Original iPad (7)
  2. All About the iPad 2 (5)
  3. Buying iPad (17)
  4. iPad Glossary (5)
  5. iPad How-Tos (20)
  6. iPad Reviews (28)
  7. iPad Support (7)

Apple iPad: Everything You Need to Know
Learn all about the iPad, how to use it, and how to use its accessories here.

I Just Got an Apple iPad ... What's Next?
Get the know-to to start using and enjoying your iPad right away.

Is the iPad Launch Delayed?
Throughout February and early March 2010, this was an question that people were asking with increasing interest, especially as rumors and reports from analysts began to spread word that the iPad launch was delayed.

Is iPad a Terrible Name for the Apple Tablet?
Almost as soon as the iPad was announced, the jokes started rolling in. It's easy to see why Apple liked the name, but it's also easy to see why so many people are making so much fun of it. What do you think: is the iPad a terrible name? What would you have called Apple's tablet?

Best iPad Name Jokes
The name "iPad" has inspired a ton of jokes. Read good ones, and share your own, here.

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