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All About The iPad

Got a new iPad or thinking about getting one? This is the place to start. Learn all about the different iPad models and, once you've got one, how to use them.
  1. All About the Original iPad (6)
  2. All About the iPad 2 (5)
  3. eBooks (6)
  4. iPad How-Tos (15)
  5. iPad Reviews
  6. iPad Support (6)
  7. iPad vs. the Competition

Apple iPad: Everything You Need to Know
Learn all about the iPad, how to use it, and how to use its accessories here.

I Just Got an Apple iPad ... What's Next?
Get the know-to to start using and enjoying your iPad right away.

iPad Data Plans
Details on the 3G data plans available from AT&T and Verizon for the iPad.

What eBook Formats Does iPad Support?
If you've got an iPad, you don't have to only buy ebooks from Apple's iBookstore. Find out here what ebook formats the iPad supports so you can get the books you want wherever you want.

Is the iPad Launch Delayed?
Throughout February and early March 2010, this was an question that people were asking with increasing interest, especially as rumors and reports from analysts began to spread word that the iPad launch was delayed.

Does Apple Provide iPad Battery Replacement?
Because Apple designs the iPad with a solid case to be stylish, the battery is inside the case and aren’isn't removable. So what options do you have if your iPad battery won’t hold a charge any longer and need battery replacement?

Is iPad a Terrible Name for the Apple Tablet?
Almost as soon as the iPad was announced, the jokes started rolling in. It's easy to see why Apple liked the name, but it's also easy to see why so many people are making so much fun of it. What do you think: is the iPad a terrible name? What would you have called Apple's tablet?

Best iPad Name Jokes - iPad Jokes
Apple's name for its tablet - the iPad - has inspired hundreds, maybe thousands of jokes. From the good to the bad to the tasteless, we've all heard them. Share the best iPad name jokes you've heard here.

Anatomy of the Apple iPad 2
A diagram of the buttons and ports on the iPad 2 and what they are used for.

Anatomy of the Apple iPad
What are all the buttons on the iPad's body, and what do they do? Find out here.

iPad Model and Price Comparison
This side-by-side comparison chart makes it easy to keep track of the many iPad and iPad mini models, how they differ, and what they cost.

Comparing Costs: iPad vs. iPhone vs. iPod touch
The costs can be deceptive--they're not just price tags.

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