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Introductions to Apple's iPod, iPhone, and iPad


You've got a shiny new iPod, iPhone, or iPad, but the question is: where do you start? These articles will help you get started with your new device, from setting it up to using it, and then point you towards more advanced--and more exciting!--things.
  1. Quick-Start Guides
  2. Buying Advice
  3. Basic iPod Use
  1. Basic iPhone Use
  2. Basic iPad Use
  3. Basic iTunes Use

Quick-Start Guides

iPods, image copyright Apple Inc.

Want a one-stop shop article that will take you through the basics of your new device, and then ease you into the intermediate and advanced features? These five links are for you.

Buying Advice

iPod nanos, image copyright Apple Inc.

With so many models available, it's hard to know what to buy. Is a Shuffle or nano better? Should you get an iPod touch or an iPhone? And where does the iPad fit in? These articles help clear up the confusion.

Basic iPod Use

The Apple iPod, image copyright Apple Inc.

No matter whether you've got an iPod touch or a Classic, an iPod nano or a Shuffle, these articles will help you set up your iPod, add music to it, and grab some cool apps.

Basic iPhone Use

apple iphone 4

Getting an iPhone is very exciting. It's even better when you know how to do all the cool things you've seen on the commercials right away.

Basic iPad Use

apple ipad

The iPad can do so many things - play music and videos and games, surf the web - it's hard to know where to start. If you've got a new iPad, start here.

Basic iTunes Use

iTunes icon, image copyright Apple Inc.

Using iTunes is about more than just buying songs and syncing them to your iPod. It's also about creating and managing a music library, streaming video, podcasts, and much more.

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