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I Just Got an iPhone ... What's Next?

A Beginner's Guide to the iPhone


You're the proud owner of a new iPhone. Not only is the iPhone a great gadget, it's also a very useful tool. You're going to enjoy it.

You may be asking yourself, though, where to begin. Even if you've had an iPod, setting up and using the iPhone is a bit different. This page walks you through the steps that you'll find most useful in the early stages of setting up and using your iPhone.

There's a lot more to learn, of course, but these tutorials, how-tos, and tips are what you're likely to need to know in the early days of having an iPhone.

1. iPhone Set Up

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These are the basics: making sure you have the required software and accounts, and then how to use them to set up your iPhone and get started.

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2. Using the Built-in Apps

iphone camera app

Once you've set up your iPhone, the next step is to learn how to use the core, built-in apps that do the crucial things: make calls, get and send email, browse the web, and more. Learn how to use:

4. iPhone Apps - Getting and Using Them

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Apps are probably the thing that make the iPhone so much fun. These articles will help you learn how to get and use apps, and guide you in which to choose.

5. iPhone Troubleshooting & Help

iPhone 5c
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6. iPhone Tips and Tricks

iOS 7 Bold text

Once you've mastered the basics, check out these articles for tips on using the iPhone more effectively and discovering some of its cool, hidden features.



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