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Anatomy of the Apple iPhone 4


iPhone 4 Hardware Features
apple iphone 4 hardware

Anatomy of the iPhone 4

image copyright Apple Inc.

The image above shows the iPhone 4 from the front and left sides. Each side of the device has some hardware features that are explained below. Knowing what the items are will help you get the most out of your iPhone 4.

  1. Headphone Jack - Plug in headphones and other devices that use the jack to either send audio in or out here.
  2. Microphone - Not the same mic that you speak into on calls. Rather, this one is designed to record sound while you're shooting video.
  3. Hold Button - Locks the iPhone 4's screen. It's also used in restarting and turning off the iPhone.
  4. Camera - One of two cameras on the iPhone 4. This one is designed to take a picture of you when you use FaceTime. It's a standard-definition camera, shooting VGA-quality images and video at 30 frames/second.
  5. Ringer Button - Flip this switch to put the iPhone in silent mode.
  6. Volume Buttons - Control the volume of the ringer, music, or games with these buttons.
  7. Antenna - These little strips - at the bottom edges of the iPhone 4 and next to the mic - are part of the longer antenna included in the iPhone 4, designed to reduce dropped calls. Some blame the iPhone 4's reception issues on covering the left antenna with a hand.
  8. Home Button - Used to bring you back to the home screen, in re-arranging apps, making folders, and quitting apps.
  9. Dock Connector - The port at the bottom of the phone, used to sync the iPhone 4 with a computer. Some accessories, such as speaker docks, plug in here, too.
  10. Speaker & Microphone - The grills on either side of the dock connector. When the front of the iPhone is facing you, the grill on the left is the mic you speak into for calls. The one on the right is the speaker used to play music, sounds from apps, and ringtones.
  11. SIM Card - The small slot on the right-hand side of the phone is the MicroSIM slot. Eject the SIM, if needed, by putting a paperclip into the small hole in the tray. Unlike some mobile phones, the iPhone doesn't save any data on the SIM besides basic user information like phone number. All other data is stored on the iPhone's built-in storage.

Items not shown here:

  • Back Camera - The higher resolution camera on the iPhone 4, which takes photos at 5 megapixels and shoots 720p HD video is on the back left corner of the phone.
  • Camera Flash - The flash used for taking pictures in low-light situations is next to the Back Camera on the iPhone's back.
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