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Verizon iPhone: Answers to Common Questions

All the basic details about the Verizon-compatible iPhone


verizon iphone

The Verizon iPhone 4

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Last Updated: 2011

After years of waiting, an iPhone for Verizon is finally here, bringing with it a series of questions (beyond "when can I buy it?" of course). Here are the answers to the most common questions about the Verizon iPhone.

Verizon iPhone Costs

What is the price of the Verizon iPhone?
The iPhone on Verizon costs US$199 or $299 (for the 16GB and 32GB models, respectively) when purchased with a two-year Verizon contract or if you're a current Verizon customer eligible for an upgrade. It is also be available at a contract-free price of $649.99 or $749.99, for the 16GB and 32GB models.

What does the monthly service cost?
Monthly plans, including phone and 3G data service, run from $70 to $150 a month. See the full breakdown of the monthly plans and how they compare to the AT&T iPhone plans for more details.

What do data overages cost?
$10 for 1 GB of additional data.

How long is the contract?
To get the subsidized price on the Verizon iPhone, you must sign up for a two-year Verizon contract.

What's the early termination fee (ETF) for canceling a contract before the two years are up?
If you cancel your Verizon service prior to the two-year contract expiring, you'll be charged a US$350 early termination fee.


Upgrades and Switching

I'm a current Verizon customer. Am I eligible to upgrade to the iPhone?
It depends on your contract status. Most Verizon customers are eligible for a new phone at the subsidized price every two years. Check your upgrade eligibility here.

Can I switch from AT&T? What will it cost?
Yes, you can switch from AT&T. If you're currently under AT&T contract, you'll have to pay the $325 ETF (reduced by $10 each month you've been a customer; i.e., if you've been under contract 12 months, your ETF is reduced by $120) to get out of your contract. If you're not under contract and are paying month to month, you're free to switch at any time. As a new Verizon customer, you'll receive the $$199/$299 subsidized price when you sign a new two-year contract. Get a full breakdown of switching costs here.

Can I use my AT&T iPhone 4 on Verizon?
No. AT&T and Verizon's networks use different technologies, so you can only use a Verizon-compatible iPhone with Verizon, not your current iPhone 4. You must buy a new iPhone when you switch to Verizon.

Can I use earlier iPhones on Verizon?
No. Just like with the iPhone 4, earlier iPhone models don't use the correct hardware to work with Verizon's network. As of this writing, the iPhone 4 is the only model compatible with Verizon's network (though the iPhone 5 will be compatible, too).



Other Questions

Can I talk and browse the web at the same time?
No. Verizon's network does not support this feature, so you cannot make a call and browse the web or use web-connected apps at the same time.

How fast is Verizon's 3G data connection?
Verizon and AT&T both use 3G networks for their iPhone data. While they use different types of 3G--CDMA for Verizon, HSPA/UMTS for AT&T--but they both count as 3G. Some tests have rated AT&T's network as faster, but that likely depends on many factors, including signal strength and the number of other people trying to access the networks in your area.

What is the Verizon iPhone release date?
The iPhone for Verizon goes on sale in the U.S. on Feb 10. Pre-orders for Verizon customers begin Feb. 3, 2011.


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