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iPhone (All Models)

This section contains all the basic information you need to know about how to get the most out of your iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, or original iPhone, including how to use it, how to sync it with iTunes, how to add songs and data, how to use its wireless Internet features, and more.
  1. 30 Days with iPhone (32)
  2. Buying or Upgrading iPhone (5)
  3. Different iPhone Carriers (18)
  4. International iPhone (8)
  5. The iPhone App Store
  6. iPhone 3G (12)
  7. iPhone 3GS (19)
  8. iPhone 4 (12)
  9. iPhone 4S (4)
  10. iPhone 5 (3)
  11. iPhone 5S & 5C (4)
  12. iPhone How-Tos, Tutorials
  13. iPhone Product Reviews
  14. iPhone Programs (2)
  15. iPhone Questions & Answers (8)
  16. iPhone Ringtones (14)

A List of & Info About Every U.S. iPhone Carrier
Major carriers, pre-paid providers, and regional companies--how does an iPhone user decide?

Apple iPhone 5 Rumors
The latest rumors about the features, release date, software, name, and price of the iPhone 5.

Anatomy of the iPhone 5
A diagram of the iPhone 5 that explains what each port, button, switch, and sensor on the phone's exterior does.

The First 9 Things You Should Do When You Get a New iPhone
Nine initial steps you should take when you first get an iPhone to get up and running, and learn the basics of using your new phone.

Improve Your Roadtrips with iPhone and Apps
Roadtrips, especially with kids, can feel longer than they are and can be stressful. But with the iPhone, iPad, and apps, you can make your trips more enjoyable, less stressful, and seem to fly by.

Anatomy of the iPhone 4S Hardware
A diagram of the iPhone 4S that explains what each port, button, switch, and sensor on the phone's exterior does.

I Just Got an iPhone ... What's Next?
Ready to dig into the iPhone's great features? Start here.

Getting Started with Your new iPhone
Tips, tricks, and quick-start guides for new iPhone users who want to get started using their new phones right away.

Apple iPhone Basics and Features
A basic overview of everything the iPhone is and can do.

17 Tips to Extend iPhone Battery Life
The iPhone is a powerful phone, but it takes a lot of battery to drive those powerful features. If you don't want to recharge your phone every day, try these tips to conserve battery life.

10 Awesome New Features of iOS 5
IOS 5 is bringing some pretty amazing new features to the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad like Wi-Fi Syncing to PC-free activation. Check out those features and 8 other great new additions that you're going to love on iOS 5.

How to Sync iPhone Over Wi-Fi
What you need to know to sync your iPhone or iPod touch (using iOS 5 or higher) over Wi-Fi.

How to Activate the iPhone
While your can turn your iPhone on and use it as soon as you buy it, to completely use your iPhone, you need to activate it.

How to Redeem Your iPhone Early Buyer Credit
Find out how to redeem the Apple Early iPhone Buyer Credit.

How Have You Used iPhone and iPod touch for Weight Loss?
Have you used the iPhone or iPod touch, and apps that run on them, as part of a weight loss plan? Share your story here so others can learn from it. Let us know what hardware and apps you used, what diet or exercise routine you used, and what results you got.

Share Your iPhone Auto Correct Mistakes
The mistakes added to our text messages by the iPhone's auto-correct feature are a non-stop source of comedy. Share any howlers you've been a part of here.

What Does it Cost to Switch to The Verizon iPhone?
If you're a U.S. iPhone user with AT&T as your service provider, you may be interested in switching to Verizon, now that it offers the iPhone, too. If so, one of the crucial questions on your mind should be, how much does it cost to switch to the Verizon iPhone?

9 Portable Bluetooth Keyboards for the iPhone
Get a physical iPhone keyboard for high-speed texting, emailing, or text entry.

3 reasons to switch to the Verizon iPhone--and 5 to stay with AT&T
With all the excitement surrounding the debut of the iPhone on Verizon, many AT&T customers may be planning to switch right away. But the decision to switch may not be as simple as it seems. While Verizon has some things in its favor, there may be more reasons to stick with AT&T than you'd expect.

When Will There Be a Verizon iPhone?
This has been a question for years, practically since the iPhone was announced with AT&T as the official carrier in the U.S. I’m sorry to tell Verizon fans out there, that there’s no iPhone for Verizon in immediate sight.

What Devices Are iOS 5 Compatible?
Find out what Apple devices are compatible with the latest and greatest operating system, iOS 5.

What Is the Nokia iPad Lawsuit?
What was at stake when Nokia sued Apple over the iPad?

Can I Get Flash Player for iPhone?
The iPhone is famous for not having Flash. Find out why that will never change.

Weight Loss Tips Using the iPhone and iPod
Whether it's your New Year's Resolution or simply a commitment to health, whether you're looking to use 10 pounds or 50, the iPhone can help you meet your weight loss goals. Whether it's exercise apps or diet recipes or sports accessories, there are a number of ways the iPhone can help you lose weight (these tips apply to the iPod touch, too).

How to Install Apps Removed from the App Store
Even after an app has been pulled from the App Store, you can still install it. Here's how.

Can You Use FaceTime on iPhone 3GS or iPhone 3G?
Apple's FaceTime video chatting technology is one of the most exciting features on the iPhone 4, 4th generation iPod touch, and iPad 2. It's so much in demand that it even works on the Mac via official software, and on Windows using third-party software. But what about iPhones other than the 4? Can you use FaceTime on the iPhone 3GS or 3G?

iPhone 6 Rumors
It may not be coming until Fall 2014, but there's lots to know now.

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