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iTunes & iTunes Store

This section will familiarize you with the basics of using iTunes, the main software to load music onto your iPod, and some advanced topics, like how to transfer your iTunes library.
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  2. Buying from iTunes Store
  3. Getting Started with iTunes (17)
  4. Intro to iTunes Store (9)
  5. Podcasts - Intro and Use (4)
  6. Using iCloud (8)
  7. iTunes Movie Rentals (16)
  8. iTunes Plus (8)
  9. iTunes Radio (4)
  10. iTunes WiFi Music Store (8)

4 Ways to Use Multiple iPods on One Computer
Many households--or even individuals--face the challenge of trying to manage multiple iPods, iPads, or iPhones with just a single computer. This poses a number of challenges, including keeping each person's music, apps, and sync settings separate, to say nothing of different levels of content restriction or the potential for messing up each...

How-To Guide to iTunes and iTunes Store
Everything you need to know to use iTunes and the iTunes Store like an expert.

Alternatives to iTunes
For many users, iTunes is a great program for managing songs, videos, and connections with their iPods. However, some users are frustrated by iTunes’s limitations or want to add features such as the ability to move songs to and from their iPod. These users need alternatives to iTunes.

How to Change iTunes CD Import Settings
When you rip CDs in iTunes, you have a number of choices for what kinds of files you create, from MP3 to AAC to Apple Lossles, and more.

Listening to Music on Multiple Computers
If you want to play the music you've bought at the iTunes Store on more than one computer, you have to authorize computers.

Categorizing and Editing Song Information
Songs copied from CD will usually show information like artist and song/album name in iTunes. But what if they don't? Or if they have the wrong information?

How to Set Up iTunes Ping
A step-by-step guide to setting up your account and profile in Ping, Apple's iTunes-integrated social network focusing on music.

I Just Got an iTunes Gift Card ... Now What?
One of the most popular iPod related gifts, whether for birthdays, holidays, or any other occasion, is the iTunes Gift Card. If you’ve never used the iTunes Store or an iTunes Gift Card before, though, you may not be sure how to proceed. This collection of articles will get you up and running with your gift and shopping at the iTunes Store...

How Do You Manage Multiple iPods on One Computer?
Managing multiple iPods, iPhones, or iPads on a single computer is a complex task. It's easy to get settings mixed up, accidentally delete content, and cause lots of frustration. The article linked above offers four approaches to solving this problem.

How to Deauthorize iTunes on Old or Dead Computers
If you run out of authorizations, or need to de-authorize a computer you don't have access to anymore, use these tips.

Intro to the iTunes Music Store
An introduction to using the iTunes Music Store to buy songs, videos, and podcasts.

How to Download 1080p HD Movies from iTunes
Want to make sure you're getting the highest-resolution movies and TV shows from iTunes? Then you need to read this article.

Sound Quality Test: AAC vs. MP3
AAC and MP3 are the two most common music file formats used by iPod and iPhone owners. Since you can use either one--both are included with iTunes--which should you choose?

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