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AT&T's International iPhone Data Plan


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Responding to customer concerns about unusually large iPhone bills for U.S. customers traveling overseas and not being covered by their domestic unlimited data plan, AT&T has introduced its Data Global Plan, which allows iPhone users to pay a lower monthly fee for international data use.

U.S. customers taking their iPhones overseas and using email or web features were previously paying for each KB of data they sent or receieved (something that quickly added up to thousands of dollars) when they were in so-called data roaming mode.

The Data Global Plan offers the following features and prices:

Plan 20MB 50MB
Montly Price US$25 US$60
Data 20MB 50MB
Overage Cost US$0.005/KB US$0.005/KB
Outside Designated Countries US$0.0195/KB US$0.010/KB

NOTE: Multiple readers report that AT&T is requiring a 12-month contract for these plans, which includes an early cancellation fee.

These plans are available in 29 countries, including:

and many parts of Europe and Asia.

If you’re planning a trip overseas that includes your iPhone, try AT&T’s Wireless Travel Guide to see whether a Data Global Plan will cover your phone and save you from sticker shock when you get your first wireless bill after getting home.

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